About One Queue

One Queue is a smart & intelligent cloud-based queue management system. It can seamlessly manage all kinds of rush across different industries.

One Queue systems are user friendly, that assures easy implementations, customisation and adaptation. Integrating One Loop customer feedback loop systems with One Queue enables you to listen to customer opinions in real time.

Real time data and reports by One Queue opens up doors for intelligent business strategies and thereby continuous improvement of your organisation.

How It Works

Key Features


One System for all locations

OneQ Cloud based queue management systems can integrate operations across different locations in an easy manner.


Best Customer Experiences

OneQ assures best customer journey management, feedback systems and addresses every issues of customers with utmost care.


Customizable & Integrable

OneQ Systems can be easily implemented and are customizable according to your requirements. Easily integrable with existing software solutions at your organization.

OneQ Concept

OneQ Assurance

Proactive engagement with every aspects of customer journey at your organisation is the vital element of best customer service. OneQ systems alerts your officers continuously to assure the best service to your customers.
OneQ offers free trial programs for organizations to get introduced to abundant opportunities provided by One App solutions. Team One App is 100% committed to meet your expectations.
Team OneApp sincerely believes the true ownership of any personal data generated by One App services are to the individuals. Data security and privacy are of highest priority for us. One App assures that no data generated will be used against any individual's will. If any general studies are happening for assuring better customer experiences, it’s our responsibility to take informed consents from individuals or organizations.

Perfect Solutions for

Health Care Sector

OneQ smart and intelligent queue management systems are very much suitable for hospitals, poly clinics and medical laboratories with as many locations, around larger or smaller geographical locations. Team One App assures comprehensible solutions including OneQ, One Loop, One App and much more to provide the best customer service experience in the healthcare sector.


OneQ smart and intelligent queue management system assures best customer journey experiences for banking and financial sector. Banking services are precise and OneQ is easily configurable for all kind of financial institution, basically from a local cooperative bank to a trans national bank


Team OneApp’s one key vision is to help governments to serve citizens in the best manner possible. OneQ assures best citizen journey experience for different governmental services like post office, immigration & passport office queue management, Department of Motor vehicle services etcetera.

Telecom & Retail

OneQ is best suited to serve customers in a rush telecom store, a busy retail shop or a full packed restaurant counter. Team One App offers various add on services for these industries like the One Loop customer feedback services systems, custom application development services etcetera.

Suggested Apps

Eliminate Queue

Walk-in-apps enables a walk-in customer to take a token for the service he needs to access. It can be accessed via a touch screen kiosk or through customer smart phone with a simple QR code scan.
A customer can receive SMS, push messages or a printed token for his journey at your organisation.

Display Status

A display app displays exact token status for each customer served across different departments. Display app information can be accessed via display screens or customer mobile phone itself. It’s a real time status information for all customers served.

Valuable Insights

The Admin app lets you call tickets, view real-time analytical reports for insights on organization, location, service, and agent performance. Now you can monitor hourly, daily, monthly, or even a custom timeframe’s activity.

Custom App

Customers can book prior appointments with custom mobile application for your organisation. App provides provisions for customer feed backs, push message reminders, different report access provisions for customers etcetera The app can be a single widow solution for all services offered by your esteemed organisation

Manage your business

A web portal access for you to configure different services, manage locations, configuring advertisement contents from your desktop. Super admin access for all operations. Custom report dash board services. Instant real time monitoring of all operations.

Hardware Requirements

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks for walk-in customers.

Android TV

TV for display screen in waiting areas.

Raspberry Pi

Optional hardware for display screen configuration.


Optional printers for token printing, preferably thermal printers.