OneApp provides best solutions for healthcare sector, whether you be a private or public sector multi-specialty tertiary care center, OneApp offers comprehensive packages for your organization to go smart!!

We have jot down the important points to be noted for your esteemed organization to be transformed from the existing status quo to an ever-evolving smart hospital / clinic.

Transform the very basics of patient service approach with OneApp

OneQ stream lines all appointments of your hospital/clinics for a new customer or an existing regular checkup patient. OneApp Smart Applications helps the customer to know about his appointment/queue status.

Hospital / Clinic waiting areas must have good displays of existing queue status and services offered.

One Unique ID for all appointments and queues means simply single token for a patient’s journey.

A doctor prescribes his patient some good medicines, lab tests, sonography, radio imaging, etc.

With a single token all can be done with no headache.

Reminders always matter

OneQ Virtual means once a patient schedules an appointment with your center on a certain day, he/she literally can be intimated with different kinds of reminders in all from, it can be a push message, SMS or an automated call etc. If you want to retain your customer, timely reminders always matter.

Go green, Go paperless

It is very important for any organization to have a vision of sustainability. OneApp Smart Hospital Application enables you to achieve this vision. OneApp Smart Hospital Application helps you transform all your patient medical records to send to the patient digitally, means prescriptions, lab test reports, scan reports etc.
The kind of convenience a patient has it with is tremendous, it saves costs allot for your organization.

Making decisions based on actual data analytics matters

If you wish to transform, there must be the back up of informed decisions and strategies to it. Every member of your team must be transformed from the moving normal to an elevated self.
OneApp Smart Reports help you transform every day, your patient service approaches can be easily improved on the basis of scientific data.

Health care industry flourishes on genuine opinions and mouth publicity.

You go and do an enquiry on any big hospital in town, a good percentage of them about 50% or more health care services providers have never cared to listen to the customer opinions.
Masses pour negative opinions and reviews on social medias and public review pages. OneApp Customer Feedback Systems makes an efficient loop to be the listening ear of your organization and take immediate actions on top it. If a patient is addressed at the moment he faces an issue it has a huge impact, it gives your team valuable insights.